What Is StrateGene? Get To Know Your Genes and How to Take Control of Your Genetic Health

Learning about your unique genetic blueprint is one of the most helpful steps that you can take throughout your health and wellness journey.

Here we will explore a bit about genetics in general, what the StrateGene tool is, and some additional resources for further education that can help you become much more acquainted with your genes and how they impact your health.

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A Bit About Genetics In General

The idea of studying and understanding genetics can seem a bit daunting at first, but if you take it one step at a time, you can begin to get a true grasp of this subject and its extreme importance for your health.

Educating yourself thoroughly about your health and your body is one of the most empowering steps that you can take for your wellness and healing. When we are thoroughly informed, we are able to make the best decisions for our health.

When you are aware of your unique genetic blueprint, you can sculpt your healing protocols and lifestyle choices to best suit this important part of your bioindividuality.

The availability of genetic testing has come a long way in a short amount of time, as we are now able to order our own testing kits and acquire thorough analysis of our unique set of gene variants.

These genetic testing kits can be acquired from sources such as 23andMe and ancestry DNA. I have personally used 23andMe and have been happy with their service.

Our genes and their expression are a foundational part of our physiology and the functioning of our body. Your genes not only determine your physical appearance such as hair color, eye color, etc, but they also play a role in an incredibly wide array of functions such as your ability to detox, your hormone and nutrient metabolism, neurotransmitter balance, gut health, and so much more.

We all have a collection of gene variants, which are changes in the DNA sequence that make up a gene, making them different from the “wild type.” The wild type is a gene that is in an unchanged form, essentially a gene that does not have a variant that alters/changes its DNA sequence.

Our gene variants can affect our health in a wide variety of ways so it is important for you to know what your particular gene variants are and if they are expressive.

For example, I have an expressive CBS (cystathionine beta-synthase) gene variant. The CBS gene is responsible for encoding enzymes that have to do with sulfur metabolism. Because of this expressive gene variant, I have sensitivities to ingested sulfur which I must account for when making decisions about my healing protocol and my eating plan. A gene variant on a strand of DNA.

Here are a few of the core terms that are fundamental to genetics science:

  • Gene: a unit of heredity that is made up of sequences of DNA that are found on chromosomes within the nucleus of our cells. Genes encode enzymes or proteins, which then perform specific functions throughout the body.
  • Gene expression: this refers to how a gene is behaving – an expressive gene variant would be a gene variant that is actively altering the proper functioning of a gene.
  • Gene variant: sometimes also referred to as a gene “mutation” or a “single nucleotide polymorphism/SNP,” which are changes in the DNA sequence of a gene that makes it different from the wild type as described above. Gene variants can have many health consequences, as they alter the way a gene is “supposed” to function.
  • Heterozygous gene variant: there are 2 versions, or alleles, for each gene, inherited from each parent – if a gene variant is heterozygous it means that there are 2 different versions inherited from each parent. In this case, if a gene variant is heterozygous it will have a lower percentage of impact on that particular physiological function. For example, if you have a heterozygous MTHFR gene variant, your gene functions at around 70% of a wild type gene. For homozygous variants (described below), the gene functions at 30%.
  • Homozygous gene variant: this means that the same version of the gene was inherited from each parent – a homozygous clinically significant gene variant has more of an impact on health and the functioning of that gene than a heterozygous would.
  • Clinically significant gene variant: some gene variants directly impact our health and others do not – a clinically significant gene variant refers to those variants that have a direct and notable impact on our health.
  • Phenotype: this refers to your collective genetic expression – how your unique collection of genes and gene variants are expressed.
  • Epigenetics: this refers to the role of influential factors such as environment, diet, and lifestyle in changing the way our genes are expressed. Our genes can be turned “on” and “off” depending on these factors, meaning we can control how our genes are expressed and hence how they influence our health and wellness.
  • Nutrigenomics: this refers to the influential role of nutrition and how it effects our genes. Nutrigenomics is used to develop personalized nutritional guidelines that support our unique genetic make-up in order to heal from and prevent illness.
  • Methylation: this is an extremely important biochemical process within the body that is required for neurotransmitter metabolism, hormone balance, detoxification, heart health, energy production, mental & emotional health, and much much more. Several common clinically significant gene variants are present along the methylation cycle pathway so it is helpful to be aware of methylation and its physiological significance.

Foods in the shape of DNA on a plate.

What Is StrateGene?

Dr. Ben Lynch, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor who founded the health and wellness company, Seeking Health. He largely specializes in genetics and a great deal of his focus is geared toward educating both practitioners and patients about their genetics and how they impact health and wellness. Strategene interpretation tool on an ipad.

Dr. Lynch developed StrateGene, which is a unique genetic interpretation tool that can be used to view and assess your genetic blueprint and your unique collection of gene variants.

When you order your genetic testing through a service such as 23andMe, you will be provided with a “raw data” file that must be uploaded into an interpretation tool such as StrateGene to be readable.

StrateGene works by uploading your “raw data” file that you will acquire from either 23andMe or ancestry DNA. When initially ordering your genetic testing kit from one of these 2 sources, make sure you are ordering the “health” kit (which is “ancestry DNA” on ancestry.com) and not solely the “ancestry” kit. The “health” kit will grant you access to your genetic profile and the ancestry kit will not.

Furthermore, if you use ancestry DNA, StrateGene is compatible with versions purchased after May 2016, which is version 2.

Once your raw date file is uploaded, StrateGene will provide you with a 100+ page full detailed report that indicates all of your unique gene variants and educates you on what they mean, how they impact your health, and more. This process only takes a few minutes to generate the report.

You will also gain access to the StrateGene Educational Portal which is an online library of digital educational resources that you may use to further interpret and understand your results.

Your StrateGene purchase will include:

  • Your full StrateGene Report which includes your gene variants and analysis of relevant biochemical pathways, plus various lifestyle, food, environment, and supplement recommendations for your unique results.
    • The 9 Health Pathways included are:
      • The Dirty Genes Super Seven Pathway
      • Folate Pathway
      • SAMe Pathway
      • Methylation Cycle Pathway
      • Serotonin Pathway
      • Dopamine Pathway
      • Biopterin Pathway
      • Histamine Pathway
      • Glutathione Pathway
  • Full access to the StrateGene Educational Portal which includes:
    • Consults and case study recordings
    • Conference recordings for further education on biochemical pathways
    • The digital Dirty Genes Course which includes:
      • A 10 video series totaling 4 hours and 40 minutes of understandable educational material on genetics, genetic expression, epigenetics, nutrigenomics, and more
    • The digital Dirty Genes Summit which includes 2 interviews:
      • What To Do If Your Genes are Dirty
      • How Genetic Testing Should Be Interpreted
    • The ABC’s of Clean Genes which is a quick start guide on “cleaning” your genes and actionable examples
    • Your Guide to StrateGene digital webinar

Each of the above listed Pathway diagrams will include:

  • Pathway Diagram
  • Your unique gene variants and where they are located along these relevant health pathways
  • Your inherited enzyme speed
  • Epigenetic influencing factors which effect the expression of your genes
  • Gene explanations that outline what each gene does and how it impacts your health
  • Factors that “clean” and “dirty” each gene/enzyme which explains what to do and what not to do for optimal genetic healthA strand of DNA that transforms into the form of a man.

This is one of the factors that really sets StrateGene apart, as you are given visual diagrams to outline all of the above health pathway information according to your unique genetic picture. This is tremendously helpful information to know!

I’ve had my StrateGene report for years now and I still refer to it to this day for guidance on sculpting my unique healing protocols.

Using a comprehensive tool like StrateGene allows you to gain very helpful access to your unique collection of gene variants so that you can custom tailor your healing protocols and lifestyle choices to meet your unique bioindividual needs. This is a core part of root cause focused healing.

After your purchase, you will be emailed step-by-step detailed instructions on how to proceed with your upload to access your report.

Click here to check out the StrateGene interpretation tool.

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StrateGene genetic interpretation tool.

More Opportunities for Further Education

Dr. Lynch has also developed a wonderful set of additional educational resources which include an online course and a book.

One of his main goals is to present this information so that we are all able to understand and interpret our own genetics. This then allows us to custom tailor our unique healing protocol, eating plan, and lifestyle choice to support our bioindividuality.

  • Dirty Genes Book

The Dirty Genes book covers several of the most common clinically significant gene variants including:

    • MTHFR: located along the methylation cycle pathway and influences hundreds of functions within the body including folate metabolism, hormone balance, detoxification, neurotransmitter balance, and much more.
    • COMT: involves your ability to metabolize catechols, estrogen, and neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine.
    • DAO: has to do with your ability to metabolize and process histamine, which is a very important chemical that is also a neurotransmitter in the body that involves immune function, gut health, digestion, and much more.
    • MAOA: involves the processing and metabolism of the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, specifically in how they behave as part of our stress response.
    • GST/GPX: These genes have to do with your ability to effectively detoxify toxins such as pesticides, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, and more.
    • NOS3: this gene influences the production of nitric oxide, which is extremely important for heart health, blood flow, and oxygen and nutrient delivery.
    • PEMT: involves the production of phosphatidylcholine which is needed for cellular health, proper liver function, development, bile flow, nerve function, brain health, and muscle health. PEMT also involves the production of choline which is needed for proper liver function, energy production, neurotransmitter production, and more.Dr. Ben Lynch's Dirty Genes book.

In this book, you will learn all about genetics in an easy to understand way.

Dr. Lynch covers all of the foundational elements of the extremely important subject and goes over elements such as symptoms to watch for, how to best support each gene variant, recipes for meals that support each gene variant, and much more.

The topics of epigenetics and nutrigenomics are covered, which allow us to control our genetic expression to optimize our health.

He also includes real-life examples that help to conceptualize all of these teachings very well.

I purchased and read this book a few years ago when Dr. Lynch first released it and it has since remained such a valuable go-to when it comes to understanding my gene variants and how they impact my health.

Click here to check out the Dirty Genes book.

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  • Dirty Genes Course

The Dirty Genes Course is a 4 hour 40 minute online course that covers the primary bases involved in our gene expression: air, food/nutrition, water, and shelter.

You will learn all about how these factors influence our gene expression and how to make the necessary changes to improve your genetic health.

This course is included if you purchase the StrateGene interpretation tool explained above.

The Dirty Genes Course includes 5 parts/video lessons:

    • Part 1: Foundations of Health
    • Part 2: Air
    • Part 3: Shelter
    • Part 4: Water
    • Part 5: Food

Knowing how our environment and lifestyle impacts our genetic expression is key so that we may become empowered to customize our healing protocols and day to day life to support our unique genetic blueprint.

Click here to check out the Dirty Genes Course.

⭐️Use code HJE10 for 10% off of your purchase at Seeking Health :)⭐️Dr. Ben Lynch's Dirty Genes Course.

In Closing…

As we’ve explored here, learning about your unique genetic blueprint is an incredibly valuable tool in being able to sculpt your healing protocols and overall lifestyle choices to best support your unique bioindividuality.

StrateGene and the Dirty Genes educational resources are extremely helpful tools to use for this purpose and will help to empower you to take control of your genetic health.

Strands of human DNA.



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